Country of Origin: Uganda

Genre: Drama


Tonny Kasasa is born premature and develops mental disorder which is not earlier detected by his parents, Vincent Kaye and Annet Naluwu. The rural African parents take different initiatives on their boy’s well-being.

They are helped by their personal doctor, Dr. James, who refers them to an organization which deals with such problems that can help them take care of the boy. However, the parents refuse to give their own son to the organization, asserting they will do whatever is needed to nurture their son rather than give him away to people whose motive for helping such children is unclear in regards to what they gain or how they are paid.

Apart from Dr James, Kaye tries other different medics to help his only son and child in the family. His best friend, Muyanja, propels him towards his friend Jajja Jemba, an African traditional healer to give a hand in helping cure Tonny’s mental problem.

The healer insinuates that Tonny was bewitched and it has to be handled by traditional methods and not formal medical interventions. At the back of Muyanja’s mind, he wants to get money from Kaye using Jajja Jemba as cover in the name of helping the boy.

On the other side, Naluwu also tries to look for solutions for their child and she pursues the line of religion. She persists that it’s only God who can intervene to help cure her son’s illness. As all that happens, Mbatudde , Naluwu’s sister is also bravely fighting for what originally hers.

She is determined to take Kaye back as her boyfriend since her big sister, Naluwu, snatched him away from her. Despite having Mike Ssebunya’s affections, Mbatudde shows no sign of letting Kaye go. She continues to do whatever it takes to win Kaye’s heart again. In the end, Dr James manages to convince Kaye and the wife to accept their son be taken by an organization for the child’s well-being.

Tonny is taken away and his life positively changes at the organization. It helps to explore Tonny’s talent of being a great artist and help in treating and curing his long-time mental illness. Mbatudde, on the other hand, loses everything and became a wanderer in life after her sister chases her from her home and Ssebunya shuns her.