URBAN GENESIS by Dodo Hunziker goes on tour in Ethiopia!

Ethiopian farmers and a team of international architects have joined forces to tackle the problem of rural exodus. Deep in the African hinterlands, the unequal participants are building a small model town that could point the way out of the globally worsening migration crisis.

In the next 10 days screenings will take place at universities in Addis Ababa and Bahir Dar. Also, the film is touring through different districts of the Amhara region. We are excited to return to BuraNest with the film, where most of it was shot.

The goal of the Impact Campaign is to bring the concept of small-scale cooperative rural towns closer to the people in the countryside: farmers, but also the political actors at the district level, the “woredas”. The director Dodo Hunziker wants to be there together with representatives of the ABC (Alliance for Building Communities). We hope for lively discussions!

URBAN GENESIS by Dodo Hunziker tour is supported by Swissfilms and the Arthur Waser Foundation.