Country of Origin: Nigeria

Genre: Horror

Synopsis: After Dubem messes up his business and embarrasses his family with his alcoholism, he buys a farm house in the countryside and moves his family there for a fresh start. Sarah, Dubem’s wife reluctantly agrees to the move, but their bratty teenage daughter, Dami is vehemently against it, and she lets them know it at every turn…the only person who seems to be enjoying the move is Tunji, Dubem and Sarah’s last child who is autistic.

Tunji has a good time with his “invisible” friends. Sarah finds the house creepy from the onset, but because she played a huge part in the crack in her marriage, she’s willing to make it work. This move would be Dubem’s redemption and Sarah’s chance to fix her relationship. However, Sarah’s dislike of the house becomes valid when she starts to have various supernatural experiences in the house.

When she’s had enough scares, Sarah tries to get them out of the house, but realizes they’re stuck there because Dubem made a bad financial decision…again. The Family are then stuck in a house filled with vengeful spirits who can’t move on because the house traps them there. Things come to a head when the Balogun family find themselves fighting to get out of the house before they’re trapped also. Sarah manages to escape, and the cycle of horror continues.