Country of Origin: Kenya

Genre: Drama

Jo, a witty 9-year old girl who is terminally ill with cancer, loves films and superheroes. She is utterly taken in by the films that Mike, a local VJ, screens at the children’s hospital to entertain the kids. One day, her mother Kathryn takes her home from hospital, to live out her last days. Her sister Mwix protests this decision but their mother is adamant. Jo is stuck at home with nothing to do but play by herself since her age friends are all in school.

Mwix, sensing her sister’s loneliness, gives her hope by pretending that Jo has superpowers. Jo, at first, does not believe her but Mwix is very convincing. As they play, Mwix makes sure that Jo understands that Kathryn can never know anything about these games.

What starts off with Jo and Mwix as a simple game with “moving” table salt ,progresses to “freezing” her friends at a football game. Mwix thinks that it’s working great and starts to involve more people in the scheme she believes is giving her sister a chance to enjoy her last days. Mike warns Mwix that their little game will turn sour if she doesn’t stop it.

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Mwix tells him that “there is no harm in a little pretending“, but Mike tells on Mwix and takes Kathryn to the scene of the latest stunt. However, the stunt goes a little too far when Jo, in an attempt to stop a speeding vehicle, narrowly survives being run over. Kathryn is furious. Jo runs from the scene to the cliff where her dead father used to take her. Kathryn and Mwix find her there and Jo reveals to them that she always knew that she didn’t really have powers, but went along because it seemed to make everyone happy.

Asking Jo what her wish is, she tells Kathryn and Mxix that he biggest dream is to make a superhero movie. Determined to make this dream come true and to give Jo hope again, Kathryn enlists the help of the entire village for a major plot…