Country of Origin: Kenya

Genre: Drama

Synopsis: Our Tomorrow” is a powerful drama set in Kenya, where the rapid acquisition of land by investors has left many without a home. The film follows the journey of Kim (David Ochiel) as he seeks justice for the murder of his father. With the help of his friends Dante (Kennedy Gitagia) and Ryan (Lad Mambili), they take on the powerful and ruthless land developer, Rose (Cynthia Bonareri). As the stakes get higher, the trio must navigate corrupt officials, dangerous thugs, and their own personal demons to uncover the truth and reclaim their land. “Our Tomorrow” will take you on an emotional journey as the characters fight for their rights and for a better future for themselves and their community. Will they succeed or will they become another statistic in the fight for land rights? “Our Tomorrow” is a story of hope, friendship and the determination to build a better future.