Siyabonga- We are Thankful

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Siyabonga- We are Thankful

Full African Documentary

Siyabonga Majola, is a docu-fiction film set in the KwaZulu Natal region of modern day South Africa. It makes use of footage from both the narrative and documentary tradition In the film we follow Siyabonga, a young man making theatre plays in the township of Mpophomeni. One day he hears the surprising news tha t a movie is to be made in a nearby town and he makes it his mission to be part of the film. From conspiring with a maid to steal wifi from the umlungus (white people) so he can write an email to the film producers, to rebuffing a friend’s urgent plea for him to improve his luck through witchcraft, Siyabonga’s journey takes him down many surprising paths that ultimately lead him to meeting with the film’s director. Here we observe the conversation that caused the film we are watching to come into existence. A film based on real events, reenacted by those who lived through them, we follow this extraordinary man as he does all he can to try and improve his life and take control of his fortune

Zulu, English
Doc-Fiction, Drama
South Africa
Joshua Magor
Siyabonga Majola Sabelo Khoza Xolani “X” Malinga Amanda Ncube Percy Mncedicy Zulu
Other People
94 minutes
Festivals / Awards
Locarno Film Festival