Country of Origin: Kenya

Genre: Drama

Synopsis: Mino has a simple life, for a girl in a community rooted in heavy traditions. She watches her friends being “sold off” to marriage in a ceremonial way she could not stand. Luck is not on her side when the village chief’s son, Baturo, picks her as his 6th wife. Mino is then forced to choose the love of her life, and blackmails Baku to marry her. Baku had no choice but to agree to marry Mino. He steals cows and goats from the neighbouring village plunging the two villages into conflict. Baturo, uses the conflict to have his father abducted automatically positioning him as the chieftain. He sends his minions to hunt down Mino and kill Baku. Baku survives the hunt with serious wounds which Mino relentlessly dresses to restore him to health. Mino and Baku intercept a caravan transporting slaves from their village. They learn that Baturo is the mastermind behind the raids. Enraged, Mino grieves for her village, pain revealing her true identity. A mark of royalty on her skin. Mino convinces Baku that his true submission is to train her to fight. Her love for her people and passion to liberate them from draconian taboo sends her back to the village. This time as a warrior with her husband backing her.