Poster on, Bed of Thorns

Country of Origin: Cameroon

Genre: Epic

Synopsis: Bih, a 17 year old girl from Kum, a village in the NW region of Cameroon loses her parents to the shameful hands of death. Her desire to continue school is shadowed with poverty and the wicked mind of her uncle BOBE NGONG who uses her as a tool to settle his debt.

BOBE NGONG forces BIH into marriage with an old man BOBE TOHSAM who uses her as a sex tool, BIH fights her way out of this with the help of her cousin NGAM, but it is rather unfortunate as BIH’s only strength (NGAM) is poisoned to death leaving her to fight her course alone. BIH is left with no choice but to take her life. She blames her death on her parents for laying her on a BED OF THORNS.