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Country of Origin: Nigeria/ USA

Genre: Action/ Crime

Synopsis: “Across the Rising Sun” is a Martial Arts Action/Drama about a rookie Investigator for the Nigerian Police Force named Naji Diallo, who is assigned her first case, the suspected suicide of a foreign English teacher. It’s supposed to be an open and shut case, but when the victim’s brother, a former bounty hunter named Derrick arrives from America, the case begins to unravel. Convinced his sister was murdered and consumed by his lust for justice, Derrick embarks on a mission of revenge that threatens to tear apart the city of Lagos, while during the course of her investigation, Naji stumbles onto the trail of an unknown gun smuggler operating in the area. Naji’s case and Derrick’s lust for revenge come crashing together to a crime of epic proportions and the two of them must team up together to save thousands of innocent lives.